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Are you a Business or Creative Struggling to Stand out & grow Your Customers in an Over Saturated Niche?
"New Branding Course Shows the 8-Step System To Look like a million bucks and Get Tons Of New Raving Fans who Consistently want to buy from you!"
“The Key to your brand’s success is being able to tap into your customer’s deepest needs & desires, and evoking the right emotions that lead to a purchase.”
- Angolina Amores, founder of The Alpha Femme
Millionaire Brand Mastery shows you how to launch a successful brand for your new or existing business step-by-step. Learn how to convert your Cold Traffic into Lifelong Fans

Over the course of 8 weeks, this program also teaches you how to scale rapidly, using strategies the most successful brands use.
Millionaire Brand Mastery shows you how to launch a successful brand for your new or existing business step-by-step. Learn how to convert your Cold Traffic into Lifelong Fans

Over the course of 8 weeks, this program also teaches you how to scale rapidly, using strategies the most successful brands use.
“The Key to your brand’s success is being able to tap into your customer’s deepest needs & desires, and evoking the right emotions that lead to a purchase.”
by Angolina Amores, founder of The Alpha Femme

Millionaire Brand Mastery 8-WEEK MASTERCLASS

But before I tell you more about Millionaire Brand Mastery, 
let me ask you a few questions:
 Are you lost online and don't know where to start? 
 Are you having trouble figuring out what business model is right for you?
 Are you unable to truly understand how branding works, determine what name, logo, and marketing strategy you should implement?
 Are you struggling to find the right angle to launch and scale your brand
 Are you tired of finding an ad that works only to have it all fall apart when you try and scale?
 Are you finding it impossible to stay on top of all the new features and updates that Facebook makes?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, then I have the solution for you!

Throughout my journey I had to deal with a male-dominated industry, where everyone's true motives were concealed. I had to learn everything myself and never found a mentor who could help me. 

Now, I never want any woman to have to go through the hoops I had to go through to get to where I am today. I'm here to literally give you the blueprint that took me over 7 years to perfect. You'll learn everything within just 8 weeks!  

When I started, I was overwhelmed by all the different things I had to learn and test out. There weren't any courses on exactly what I needed. I worked hard, failed many times and eventually got a blueprint down pat, that contains the branding strategies of multi-million dollar brands. 

After years of hard work and multiple success stories, my focus is now on helping female entrepreneurs achieve the same level of success with launching and scaling a successful brand.

I spent the last 8 months working around the clock creating this training course and I'm so excited to finally share MILLIONAIRE BRAND MASTERY with you. 
I've put all of my knowledge and experience into this one course!
Weeks of Training
Hours Of Content
Video Lessons
8-Week Step-By-Step process, from Nailing down your vision, mission & purpose, to mastering Social Media and scaling your business. 
Female Empowerment group working together growing their businesses, from makeup, fashion, digital training, coaching and much more...
Live training, Weekly Q/A with current students, sharing the hottest trends, business tips and tricks, strategies. Let's grow together!
A proven formula
discover The Formula For A Successful Brand, Reverse-engineer top Brands, And Learn How To position Yourself as the only solution for your customers!
Blueprint Template
follow my blueprint and fill in your own “Brand Blueprint Templates” to attract your ideal prospects & position your business as top of mind in your category.
elements of success
Discover the elements of success of branding & positioning (and why the vast majority of companies get it WRONG).
increase conversions
Follow My proven strategies to increase sales conversions and minimize abandoned carts or hesitating clients!
automate your income
Learn how to Create automated systems so you can generate passive income while you sleep!
get free publicity
Discover the Secrets to Getting Published in major media outlets for free. publicists don't want you to know about this!
Today Only... You Have Unlocked The Bonus Of A Lifetime
**To Obtain The Bonus You Will Need To Confirm Your Spot On The Page After You Finalize Your Checkout
You'll receive:
Top 100 List of the Most Successful Shopify Stores
Top 20 Instagram Engagement Groups that you can use to 10x your engagement on every post
- Monthly Hottest Selling Fashion from The Alpha Femme store
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Business owners
personal brands
course creators
e-commerce brands
Graphic Designers
10x your clients/customers
- Acquire more qualified leads
- Grow customer base
- grow your email list
- higher Return On Ad Spend
- consistent Clients & Sales 
- scale your business
leave your 9-5 for good
- Hate Your Job & Don't Know What Options Are Out There?
- know Exactly what steps to take To Leave Your Job
- Make Your passion profitable
- make passive income
- Experience Financial Freedom
own an E-commerce or TRADITIONAL Store
- create loyal & raving fans
- stand out from competition
- sell out during a pre-sale 
- create hype around your brand
- get free publicity around your brand

Here’s what you’re going to get when you purchase the "Millionaire Brand Mastery" course:

First, you'll get over 25 hours worth of training modules spaced over the course of eight weeks. Each video builds on the previous week.  

At the same time, you’ll be given homework not only to reinforce the training, but to challenge you to take action and build out your branding, marketing and execution.

Because all the knowledge in the world is useless without action.

Next, every week there will be a group coaching call. On it, we’ll discuss your business or other student’s businesses. 

We’ll discuss what worked and what didn’t. We’ll help you overcome roadblocks, hurdles and stumbling blocks. 

You’ll find them inspiring, informational and a source of bonding and friendship.

Next, I give you 24 valuable business building worksheets, templates and checklists. They’re like a shortcut for all future marketing projects you undertake. 

They’ll help you, your management, your staff in all aspects of a particular project as you begin to execute.

For example, you'll receive a "brand board” template which you complete and give to your VAs and designers in the future for every business or project you undertake

Next, you'll get my favorite Instagram engagement groups list. They're like being invited to the hottest parties and clubs. I’m giving you over 10 of the best, which are the same pods I use myself.

Next, you get my list of Top 100 Shopify stores. When I say top 100, I mean the most popular. You see, my webmaster did something sneaky - he reversed engineered the top ranked global websites.

Next, I’ll also be bringing in experts occasionally who you’ll be able to learn from. They’ll go deep into subjects such as conversion optimization & email marketing.

These are the people I rely on personally. If you had to pay for an hour’s consulting, you’d pay hundreds even thousands of dollars an hour.

And lastly, you get access to our private FB community where you can ask questions and receive answers.

Of course, Facebook groups offer so much more.

The thing is my team and I will be on constantly. Sharing, brainstorming, problem solving and so much more.
Week 1
 1 hour of video + 2 hours worth of exercises
 Tips on Maximizing Your Success Through This Course
 Keeping Yourself Accountable + Making A Commitment To Yourself
 Transforming & Priming Your Mindset
 Analyzing Your Current Beliefs
 The 7 Blockages To Your Success
 Establishing Your New Truth
 Creating Your 'Me 2.0'
 Developing Your Morning Ritual + Maximizing Your Day
 Strategies + Steps For An Effective Schedule
 The 7 Most Profitable & Realistic Online Business Models
Week 2
 1 hour of video + 4 hours worth 
of exercises
 Why Branding Is Your Salesperson
 What is a Brand, Branding & Brand Identity?
 Branding vs. Selling
 The Formula For A Successful Brand 
 Nailing Down Your Vision, Mission & Purpose
 Reverse-Engineering Brands: Case Studies
 Having A Unique Value Proposition
 Having A Thorough Understanding Of Your Market
 Creating Your Ideal Customer Avatar
Week 3
Developing Your Brand Identity
 1 hour 20 minutes of video + 5-7 hours worth of application
 First Impression Is Everything
 Branding Elements That Encourage Conversion & Trust
 How Associations Can Help You Build Your Brand Image
 How Color Psychology Can Increase Your Conversions
 How Your Typography Affects Your Buyer's User Experience
 Developing A Million Dollar Logo
 Creating A Powerful Brand Guide
Week 4
 1 hour 15 minutes of video + 3-5 hours worth of application
 Social Media World Updates
 Instagram Branding 101
 Facebook Branding 101
 Growing Your Brand on LinkedIn
 How To Optimize Your Facebook Ads For Traffic & Conversions
 A Landing Page That Converts (& Looks Like A Million Dollars) 
Week 5
Sell with 
your copy
 1 hour of video
 What’s The Big Deal With Copy?
How To Create Copy That Sells In ANY Industry
Copy Hacks
How To Create Ads That Convert
Week 6
creating a system that converts
 1 hour of video + 4 hours worth of exercises
 Creating A Successful System & Business Model
 Mapping Out & Improving Your Customer Touchpoints
 How To Build An Automated Funnel To Increase Profits & Conversions
 Implementing A Money-Making Nurture Email Sequence
Week 7
BE YOUR OWN Marketing 
 1 hour 15 minutes of video
 The Best Kept PR Secret Publicists Don't Want You To Know
SEO Tools & Hacks
 Using Pinterest To Drive Extra Traffic To Your Business
 Creating An Affiliate Program
Building A Loyal Fan Base
Week 8
Tying It All Together
 Creating Your Essential Checklist
Bonus 1
Office Hours
Every other Friday I conduct a live hour-long Q&A session in our private Zoom meeting. Every session is recorded and added to the course video library. When you join you have access to all past office hour recordings.
Bonus 2
Ad Audits
Every other Friday I audit student ads, landing pages and ecommerce stores live in our private Zoom meeting. These sessions are recorded and uploaded to the course just like Office Hours.
Bonus 3
Ad HAcks
I regularly create short videos that feature a single tip, tactic or strategy. These ad hacks are shared in the private Zoom group and uploaded to the course video library as well.
Live Training Schedule
Join me every Friday at 6 pm EST on Zoom. for our weekly live training. 

1st week of the month: Office Hours 

2nd week of the month: Ad Audits

3rd week of the month: Office Hours

4th week of the month: Ad Audits

*If there are 5 weeks in the month, the 5th week will be Office Hours training. 
These three bonuses are part of the Ad IQ Group Training. You Will Receive The Ad IQ Group Training 
For Free The First Three Months. After The First Three Months, Access To Ad IQ Group Training Is 
$197 Per Month And Is Billed Automatically. 
MILLIonaire brand Mastery
Join Over 500 Female Entrepreneurs Who've Started a Successful Brand using our Training
$997 $197
100% Money Back Guarantee
If after you complete the entire course and attend the weekly trainings you have not at least made your money back we will issue a full refund no questions asked!
How long is the course?
The Course is 8 Weeks. Each Week I will Release the Next Week Content for you with Worksheets and Slides. The course contains over 25 videos. The total length of just the videos, excluding the PDF’s and worksheets is 15 hours if watched straight through. The PDF’s and worksheets accumulate to over 5 hours, depending on how fast you read and complete the exercises. Plan to take 8 weeks to complete the course. 
Is this for beginners or advanced entrepreneurs?
The best part of Millionaire Brand Mastery is that it provides so much value no matter what level you're at. I've provided Mastery that experts don't disclose with just anyone. Even if you're a branding pro, I guarantee that there'll be many videos with strategies you've never heard of and aren't using to your advantage.
How long do I have access to the course?
You'll get lifetime access to the course, which includes the private Facebook group.
What if I have questions or problems?
All students have lifetime access to our private Facebook group where they can ask questions. My team & I will respond within 1 business day. If you have an urgent question you can also email me at

MILLIONAIRE BRAND MASTERY and The Alpha Femme are not a part of or Facebook Inc. Additionally,  MILLIONAIRE BRAND MASTERY and The Alpha Femme are not endorsed by Facebook, Inc. in any way. Facebook is a trademark of Facebook, Inc. ​

Disclaimer: Sales figures and campaign results listed above or in my marketing material are not typical and are the result of years of training, experimenting and learning from mistakes. These figures and results are used specifically as examples. Your results will vary depending on a wide variety of variables and factors.
The Alpha Femme - All Rights Reserved - All Wrongs Reversed
We put the ALPHA in female by providing resources, coaching and inspiration
to women who are or want to become womanpreneurs.
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